The new one in our living room

Last night my cellphone rang. The man called, who had actually made his way to the gas station 45 seconds ago to buy a really cold cold drink. I should quickly come around the corner, he would have found something that I would like.Was you can find so incredible at the gas station? A Mercedes from the 70s in Gülden livery for free? Excited, I scurried quickly down the stairs (after I had switched on Mr. Terror - the common sprout - quickly KIKA.)

When I stepped into the street, I saw the man at the corner of the house grinning, waving and interpret. Approaching came then the booty piece in my field of vision: a rose-red cabinet ... as made to accommodate tons of plates, plates, bowls and the liqueur glasses of grandma and grandfather. Obviously put on the street by neighbors, so he can find a new, great home.

What can I say ... after briefly opening all the doors and drawers to look for any pests or unpleasant surprises and then my nose had kept in the good piece, the man and I dragged the loot home. Ufz - solid wood.

Where should he go? Actually yes in the kitchen. But that is well known winzelig. Well, we can think about that later. So that he does not block everything in the corridor, I then boldly put him into the living room.

When I came home from the agency today, I decided that he may stay with us.