The RAF tomato

It's not for nothing that little red things are on a golden plate.
Yesterday's favorite -Genefestand in the Mercado/Ottensen I noticed a sign with funny inscription:

RAF tomato

Oh what. Eye rubbing and watch again. Still, RAF tomato. The kilo to delicious 12,90 Euro. The subsequently attached label next to it gave information for ignorant customers (like me):
Original tomato variety, which is grown only in Almeria/Andalusia and has fabulous taste.

Of course I have ONE immediately purchased for 2.50 euros. Therefore, the very appropriate color of the plate.

Now the good piece is waiting for his tasting in direct comparison with a conventional tomato.

I am very excited and waiting for the right moment. I hope things do not taste too good - otherwise I'll have to ask for donations soon or sing in the street to make a RAF salad.