How to make roast knuckle baked - Easy, step by step

Cooking knuckle in the oven is one of the best pleasures that a lover of meat can have. It is also a meal that, although it takes time, is very easy to make at home.

The oven-roasted knuckle requires several hours of cooking, time is going to depend on the size of each of the pieces of the pig and your oven.

For this recipe, I used fresh knuckles of approximately 400 grams each and were cooked in almost 4 hours at a temperature not very high (170-180 degrees).

If you decide to use knuckles in brine, you have to desalt them 24 hours before submerging them in water and changing it several times.

Codillo Recipe Baked

This recipe is very easy, it is prepared with just 3 ingredients.

But it is that the flesh of the pork knuckle is so, but so Delicious, you will not need to season them with anything other than salt and pepper to taste.

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Recipe knuckle baked in the oven

You only need 3 ingredients, a baking sheet ( and an oven) to prepare one of the most delicious meals that exist.But do not take it all away, besides you will not be able to, it's not the idea.
  • Heat the oven to 180 degrees.
  • salt and pepper knives on all sides.
  • Throw knives into the oven in a tray where they fit comfortably.
  • Let them bake for about 3 or 4 hours. The cooking time will depend on the size of the pork knuckles.
  • they are cooked for a long time, it is necessary that every half hour you check the pieces of pork and turn them over.
  • After 2 hours cooking, the knuckle will have reduced its size and you will see the typical brown color, similar to the photos. Everything is fine.
  • When almost 3 hours have passed, try the softness of the meat. The idea is that the knife can cut a piece without any effort.
  • If you used Big knuckles, you'll need more time. If they were small, they will be almost ready.
  • Once done, take off the knuckles of the oven.
  • Serve them with baked potatoes, French fries, maybe some salad German-style potatoes, or even mashed potatoes.

    You can also put a fresh salad as garnish.

    Sauces to accompany knuckle

    They are so delicious that the truth is that you do not need any sauce, you can eat them yourself and that's it. But if you want to put some sauce to these knuckles in the oven I give you some ideas:

    • Barbecue sauce: the queen of sauces for meats.
    • Some sauce made with honey bees and soybeans
    • As simple as using mustard.
    • Or mixing honey with mustard, very good idea.

    Some tips for baking knives in the oven

    • Yes You want to season the knuckles a bit more, although it is not necessary because its flavor is incredible, I recommend you put them some cumin powder. You can also use oregano.
    • You can pour a splash of white wine from the kitchen or even a beer while they are cooking.
    • Some people pinch the knuckles with a knife and through the holes introduce a little garlic crushed with spices (cumin, coriander, oregano). Try it if you want.
    • Knuckle the oven with potatoes: Chop potatoes in thick halves and put them in the oven along with the knuckles. You can season them with rosemary and a splash of olive oil.
    • Remember that the baked knuckle is a long-cooking recipe. The longer you spend cooking, the more tender the meat will be.
    • Never forget that sometimes the ovens do not cook at the temperature they indicate. When in doubt, you can lower the temperature a bit and let it roast longer.

    Always calculate 1 pork knuckle per person, and if you can not eat it whole, keep the meat without the bone and the next day you can make a re-fried stew with onions and peppers and fill tortillas. 🙂