23 easy and delicious chicken recipes in sauce

We are going to prepare chicken in sauce in different ways: homemade stews, with curry, with orange, in bechamel, with mushrooms, spicy, Asian style and even Mexican and Peruvian recipes.

The good thing about to make chicken in sauce is that you do not get bored of eating it, and that it will yield to you for several portions (or for several guests to eat).

If you do not know how to make chicken in sauce, you do not have to worry It is very easy, and you will always be able to change the ingredients to adapt the recipes to your taste and availability.

For this same reason I have selected several recipes for you to have options. This is going to like you, I know 🙂

Chicken recipes in sauce for all tastes

Most of these dishes are chicken legs in sauce or chicken breasts in sauce . You can play a little with the cut of the chicken and change one for another. You can use chicken fillets, drumsticks with or without bone and of course chicken wings.

Just remember that if you use pieces of chicken with bone, these might need a few extra minutes of cooking.

chicken with orange Chicken with orange sauce

This is, perhaps, my favorite chicken recipe in sauce. The citrus flavor of the orange makes an amazing pair with the chicken previously cooked in the oven. It is made quite easily and ideally it is served with mashed potatoes.

recipe for chicken curry Chicken curry

A recipe of Hindu origin that little by little has permeated our culture. Strong flavor, spicy if you wish and with a creamy texture that conquers palates. It is much easier to prepare than you imagine.

chilindron chicken recipe Chicken al chilindrón

A classic of Spanish cuisine. Chicken in sauce with peppers, tomatoes, onions and the magic ingredient: ham!

chicken stew ready Stewed chicken

Chicken stews are always welcome. Our stomach will always be grateful for the homemade flavor of a chicken in slow-cooked stew sauce. Of concentrated flavors and that also yields for several portions.

baked chicken wings Chicken wings in barbecue sauce

The chicken made in the oven is always better. And if you bathe it with barbecue sauce, I will not tell you how happy your guests will be. This recipe uses wings, but you can either make thighs or drumsticks.

chicken entomated with herbs Entominated chicken

A recipe with chicken very easy to prepare. I made it at home improvised with tomatoes and fresh herbs. Stew, delicious and very nutritious. Use the ingredients you have at home.

tikka masala Chicken tikka masala

This is another version for making chicken in curry sauce. The Tikka Masala is a very popular dish of Indian cuisine that has become popular all over the world. It is usually spicy but since you are going to prepare it at home, you can do without it.

chicken stew Stewed chicken

The homemade recipe of our grandmothers. Possibly in your family there is a recipe for chicken stew much better than the one I present below. If so, then do not do this.It is an Asian delicacy that carries peanuts and coconut milk. A mix of explosive flavors that will make you fall in love. The ideal is to do it with breasts.

chicken aji Chili pepper

This is one of my favorite dishes of Peruvian cuisine. It is shredded chicken prepared in a sauce of yellow pepper with evaporated milk and other ingredients. It is a very special recipe and once the tests, there is no turning back.

Chicken breasts with lemon sauce

I spoke earlier about how delicious which is the citrus flavor of the chicken in orange sauce. Well, now it's time for the lemon. This is the recipe that the Chinese prepare in their restaurants. Delicious.

Chicken with mushroom sauce

This is a classic of chicken sauce recipes. It is also one of the easiest and most delicious recipes on this list. In fact, it is among my favorites. You need (besides the mushrooms), onion and white wine. The mixture of these 3 ingredients is infallible.

Chicken with tomato

It is similar to the chicken stew mentioned above, but in this case the tomato has a role even more protagonist.

Chicken Coca Cola

This chicken with a Coca-Cola sauce is prepared with only 4 ingredients. You'll be amazed at how simple this recipe is.

Chicken with beer

Cooking chicken in beer sauce is pretty easy. It is an absolutely delicious dish that you can make ideally to share with friends or family.

chicken recipes in sauce

More ways to make chicken in sauce

Chicken with almond sauce

His name already says that goes this dish. Easy to prepare and very delicious. The almond sauce is made separately from the chicken, together all the end and ready.

Chicken with bechamel sauce

Do you know how to make bechamel? It does not matter, in this recipe they explain how.

The chicken in bechamel sauce is very, very easy, you only need 4 ingredients: chicken, cornstarch, milk and nutmeg. Well, apart from salt and pepper to taste.

Chicken with mushrooms in oyster sauce

Here we come to the terrain of Asian cuisine, and that he's very happy.

The preparation of this chicken recipe is simple. It is prepared sautéed in a wok over a very high heat and in a short time. I love it!

Chicken breasts with mustard and tarragon

The recipe is with breasts, but if you have boneless thighs, better. You need mustard, tarragon, butter, evaporated milk, salt and pepper. The preparation is quite simple and the taste is great.

Chicken with mole poblano

Mole poblano is a traditional recipe of Mexican cuisine that has been Internationalized for some years. It is a thick sauce with a particular flavor, product of the mixture of many spices, it is strong and slightly spicy. You become a fanatic just by trying it out.

Chicken thighs with guajillo chile sauce

And speaking of spicy, this recipe is magnificent. Itching, yes, but not so much. The guajillo is a dry chile very used in Mexican cuisine for the preparation of sauces. Ideal to be accompanied with white rice, you know, to wet it in the liquid and thus soften the itch.

Dry chicken

El seco of chicken, depends on how you see it, it is a Peruvian or Ecuadorian dish. It is basically a chicken in sauce, stewed, which includes yellow pepper, peas, cassava, potatoes, carrots and other ingredients.Honey and mustard are a good couple, you put a little butter and a touch of curry powder and magic!

The star companion of most of these dishes is white rice Why? ? Well, to dip it in the sauce and delight in pleasure 🙂 You can also make salads or potatoes.

Do you have other chicken recipes in sauce that you would like to share with the other Comedera.Com readers? Tell us!